Tezos Nodes

Tezos Nodes is a reliability rating public Tezos Bakers and a service for monitoring the state of node performance for non-public Tezos Bakers.

Working with the baking community, we've developed a baker reliability index that features 10 key indicators. We think this index will provide you with all the necessary info you need to choose a reliable public baker.

10 key indicators to evaluate each Tezos baker

Lifetime — the number of node operation cycles
Yield — yearly profit taking into account efficiency and fee
Efficiency — the effectiveness of the node for year
Last 10 — the effectiveness of the node over the past 10 cycles
Fee — charges to run their node service
Support — availability of support 24/7 for delegates
Projects — Baker's personal projects
Payouts — payout period
Free Space — free space for delegation
Total Points — points reliability

Data source

We receive data for reliability indicators Lifetime, Efficiency*, Last 10, Free Space, automatically from the Tezos blockchain using RPC commands from our own Tezos node and from the public API of the TzStats interface.

For data on Fees, Support, Projects and Payouts, we constantly monitor baker behaviors, and track this information on an ongoing basis. Our team clarifies details with individual Bakers, and we have the last word on points assigned to subjective categories like "Projects".

The Total Points are summed up automatically according to the given values for each of the reliability criteria.

*Efficiency is calculated taking into baking right and steal

Tezos Nodes reliability rating system

Efficiency for last year:

Max. 30 points
30 points for 99,5% +
25 points for 99,01-99,49%
20 points for 98,50-99%
15 points for 98,01-98,49%
10 points for 97,01-98%
5 points for 96,01-97%
0 points for 0-96%

Efficiency over the last 10 cycles:

Max. 20 points
20 points for 99,5% +
15 points for 99,01-99,49%
12 points for 98,5-99%
10 points for 98,01-98,49%
7 points for 97,01-98%
5 points for 96,01-97%
0 points for 0-96%


Max. 20 points
20 points for 0 - 4,99%
17 points for 5 – 7,99%
15 points for 8 - 9,99%
12 points for 10 - 12,49%
10 points for 12,5 – 14,99
5 points for 15 – 19,99%
0 points for 20 - 100%


Max. 10 points
10 points - There is 24/7 support chat
5 points – Representative in social and media spaces
0 points – Only website


Max. 10 points
10 points - Makes projects (tools) to improve the ecosystem Tezos
5 points – Organization of meetings
0 points – Only bakes


Max. 10 points
10 points – Pays rewards without freezing (after 7 cycles or earlier)
5 points – Pays rewards immediately after defrosting (after 12 cycles)
0 points – Pays rewards not in the first cycle after defrosting (undefined)

Monitoring the state of node performance non-public Tezos Bakers

On Tezos Nodes we have provided an opportunity for non-public Tezos Bakers to monitor effectiveness their node in the same convenient mode as for public Tezos Bakers. After registration personal account you can check the effectiveness and «Free space» for new delegations of absolutely any active Tezos baker.